Overnight care

is a home care option that involves a caregiver assisting with a few hours of care before bed and after a good night’s rest. This option is particularly helpful to family caregivers and/or couples when one spouse acts as the primary caregiver and desperately needs to sleep well during the night. This type of care is also offered to ensure safety and security of clients who may get up more than once during the night or wander due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Overnight caregivers usually request that they receive at least 8 hours of sleep, but they are there to assist 2 times during the night if your loved one is unable to sleep or needs to use the restroom. Having a caregiver in the home as your loved one sleeps gives peace of mind while you rest, enabling you to wake up fresh to go about your day.
Care Indeed specializes in placing highly capable and compassionate overnight caregivers to clients across the Bay Area. And we are committed in making sure that this important home care service is affordable for all.