Medication Management

One of the most significant ways to manage your long-term health problem or condition is by taking your medicines as directed by your doctor, pharmacist, or other health care professional.

Care Indeed is dedicated to our patients’ wellness. Our caregivers are trained to make sure that a patient takes his medications as prescribed (i.e., twice daily), and that he continues to take a prescribed medication. This service ensures a patient’s safety and helps put his family’s mind at ease.

We recognize the need for additional personnel with the appropriate professional background. At Care Indeed, only a licensed professional safely and accurately fills and administers medications to and from medication reminder boxes.

Our licensed professional also reminds the patient to fill his prescriptions, may pick up the filled prescriptions from the pharmacy, and instructs our caregiver to ensure that the patient does not: skip doses; stop taking the medicine; or take more than he is instructed or at the wrong time of the day.