Q. What is Care Indeed Home Care Services?
A. Care Indeed provides in-home caregiving services for the elderly in these counties: Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, San Francisco, and Contra Costa. We also cater to the needs of East Bay and its surrounding areas’ residents. We offer extensive in-home care services for seniors who embrace their independence and the personal dignity that goes with it. Our in-home care services are provided by insured caregivers who have passed a national criminal background check and have undergone an extensive interviewing process and evaluation. If a senior family member needs in-home care services, we are an excellent provider with exemplary references.

Q. What is non-medical in-home care?
A. Generally for non-medical care, there are no intensive rehabilitative sessions, monitoring heart rhythms, or managing blood-sugar levels. Instead, we see that the basic needs of those who cannot fully function by themselves receive the appropriate care. Such needs include personal care, meal preparation, and maintaining a safe home environment.

Q. What type of caregiver can I expect?
A. The benefit of requesting a caregiver from our network is the assurance that your loved ones will receive care from a highly qualified, trained professional. Our company is staffed by certified nursing assistants, home health aides or home companions who are professional, educated, and experienced in elder care or children with disabilities. We know it is important that you feel safe letting someone come into your home, therefore, we require that all caregivers are screened as required by law and receive training in emergency response as well as in the nuances of backup care.

Q. What tips should I follow?
Once care has been scheduled, you can request that the agency call you and discuss the caregiver’s background or training and the specific needs of your family. Be prepared to discuss rules, meals, schedules, expectations, special needs, etc. We recommend that you schedule the caregiver to come to your home at least 30 minutes prior to needing care. This will give your family time to get acquainted with the caregiver, provide a tour of your home, answer any additional questions and provide rules, expectations and a list of your emergency contact information. Request our In-Home Care liability insurance when you schedule care, for your peace of mind.

Q. Can I request the same caregiver the next time I need backup care?
A. Our Backup Care Specialists will request the same caregiver as much as we can; however, this is not guaranteed due to caregiver availability, location and/or time constraints.

Q. Can my health insurance cover for the cost of home care?
A. Generally, Private pay, Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for long-term home care but long-term care insurance does cover the costs depending on what type of policy you have. We cater to the individual needs of our clients so they only pay for the services and care they require.

Q. Can I have home care in other locations aside from my home?
Yes, long-term care can be provided in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and retirement communities. We also offer companionship services to clients during a hospital stay.

Q. What is In-home Respite?
A. In-home respite services consists of a caregiver who works in the family home so that the family member can leave the house for a period of time. These services are usually provided by our company. We recruit, screen, and train workers, with no contract and no long-term commitment for our clients. This type of respite is usually less disruptive to the individual needing care, provided there is a good match between the caregiver and the individual.

Q. What is an assessment of need?
A. An assessment means gathering all the relevant and vital information about you or the person receiving the care so your case is fully understood. The kind of assessment you have will depend on the informed needs. We may need to involve other people, such as your family, close family friends, or your doctor to understand your needs more thoroughly. However, we will always ask your permission before we contact them. All information is treated as confidential.

Q. Is home care only available for seniors?
A. No, home care is available to any person who requires any type of assistance from a caregiver. We provide care to people of all ages.

Q. Why should I choose home health care?
A. Home health care is another option for receiving health care services. With a private caregiver, a client can receive personalized care in a quick and effective manner. Many people also believe that returning to one’s home can sometimes speed up recovery as well as improve the quality of life for the family and the client.