Greater Peace of Mind

Daily monitoring provides you the best of both worlds: the comfort and independence of staying at home, and the security of receiving proper attention on a daily basis. Other benefits include cost savings, and an improved quality of life.

Our caregivers offer you personal attention and professional insight. For a minimum of 2 hours, they can visit you and provide assistance with instrumental Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, giving medication reminders, helping with finances (escorting to bank, paying bills, and managing day-to-day purchases), checking mails, and picking up prescriptions. Or we can have a caregiver call you, on a daily basis, to check on you and see how you are doing.

Daily monitoring covers a wide range of services that can help delay the need to move to a long-term care facility. At Care Indeed, we design a plan of care for the patient (with input from the patient, his or her doctor and family), and update the plan as necessary. A licensed professional oversees the care plan to ensure quality. And you can contact us 24/7 for on-call assistance.